Resiliency: Capstone IT Engineering & Consulting

Security and stability starts by incorporating solid design principles. Deeptree IT engineers take into account operating context across the board. This includes uptime requirements, power conditions, and security profile. With your unique profile in hand, our engineers will develop and implement a design that best meets your needs. And when it’s done, you will receive proof-positive that your IT infrastructure meets the design specifications you require.

IT Engineering

IT architectures that take into account operational, business, and security requirements simply return better return on investment than those that only deliver functionality. Deeptree’s Capstone Engineering answers that call by implementing resilient servers, workstations, and networking through cost-optimized and security-aware engineering methodologies.

Deeptree’s server implementation process involves the following high level procedure to ensure that you receive exactly what your business needs:

  • Establish operating context
  • Gather baseline performance data
  • Understand security requirements
  • Design and review architecture
  • Implement design in accordance with best practices
  • Perform testing and close out


Secure networking is tantamount to protecting your data and your business. Deeptree works with Sophos, Cisco, and Meraki networking gear to ensure that your network is protected both from within and without.


Whether Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware ESXi, Linux or Windows, our IT engineers implement secure, performant, and resilient server architectures through careful design and implementation. Deeptree’s server process involves the following high level procedure to ensure that you receive exactly what your business needs.


Ensuring that your data is safe, secure, and available to your staff is part of Deeptree’s storage design practice. By taking into account your operational structure, Deeptree staff will deliver cost-optimized and secure storage architectures that will keep your data safe.

IT Consulting

cyber security

In an era of uncertainty, ensuring that your business is secure is paramount. Deeptree staff perform penetration testing, cybersecurity assessments, and incident response exercises for organizations large and small. Whether you need to meet HIPAA, SOX, PCI DSS requirements or need to protect your own hard-earned data from breach, look no further than Deeptree.

disaster recovery and business continuity

The best form of preparation is a good plan and Deeptree’s enterprise architects deliver exactly that. Disaster can strike in the form of a digital attack like ransomware or an unfortunate event like fire or flooding. No matter the cause, Deeptree staff will build a plan that takes your business needs into account and protects your data from the unexpected.


Deeptree engineers and consultants work with you to build resiliency within your own organization. Whether you need IT hardware, cybersecurity, disaster recovery/business continuity planning, or a hardened network, Capstone Engineering & Consulting will help you achieve your goals.