Physical Security: Redpoint

Redpoint Security delivers simple, effective physical security solutions to organizations operating in Alaska’s unique environment. We are a multi-tiered service capable of providing physical security measures, like networked cameras and alarm systems, as well as customized employee training tailored to your agency’s specific needs.

All-Hazard Site Assessments – clients, the greatest value our site assessments provide is the breadth of self-awareness they provide. Our team shares critical infrastructure protection, emergency management, OSHA, and homeland security experience. We will bring all our lessons to your door and provide you with an action-oriented tool you can use as justification for funding of site improvements, insurance purposes, risk management, resiliency planning, exercise building and much more

  • All-hazard security and vulnerability site assessments

Alarm Systems – Our physical security professionals partner with the top security hardware wholesalers and our in-house computer geniuses to provide our clients with exactly what they need – no up-selling, no commissions

  • Fully integrated, smart security systems
  • Simple no-nonsense security systems

Custom Training – Redpoint Security’s training model is scaleable and adaptable to the unique needs of each client. Our proprietary system is designed to be easy to learn and more importantly, easy to remember in high-stress situations s

  • Security Guard training
  • Personal defensive tactics training
  • Basic cybersecurity end-user training (an uneducated end-user is your biggest threat)
  • Emergency response exercises at your work site
  • Bring us your security needs and we promise to bring you effective security solutions

Redpoint Security takes an active stance throughout the life of all our contracts including providing additional field training to employees and actively assessing the threat environment. We are constantly updating the training to incorporate the latest case law, statutory requirements and situations your employees may face

Cyber Security

When (not if) cyber security and business continuity rise to the top of your priority list, Deeptree’s Castle Mountain service is a three-fold program that delivers an upfront risk assessment, a disaster recovery/business continuity plan (DRP/BCP), and redundant backups of your data. Customized to the needs of your business, this plan addresses all necessary elements for business continuity – required notifications for staff, documentation, and after-action reporting 

Customers participating in Redpoint Security receive several unique benefits,

  • They are supported in the event of litigation. Our trainers are expert witnesses in the use of force and at the request of the customer, we will take the stand in court to explain the training we provided.
  • Deeptree is one of Alaska’s top IT and cybersecurity companies. Customers utilizing Redpoint Security services for their physical security needs will have the backing of tech professionals, without the need for a 3rd party help-desk.
  • As a small start-up, we are determined to surpass our competition. That translates to greatly to the benefit of our clients.