Recovery: Castle Mountain

Named after a venerable mountain right here in Alaska, Castle Mountain is a unique service developed by our risk management team to deliver business continuity to organizations operating in the unique environment that Alaska brings. What makes this plan unique is that customers participating in Castle Mountain are covered for labor and effort required to execute their recovery plan.

Castle Mountain is a three-fold program that delivers an upfront risk assessment, a disaster recovery/business continuity plan (DRP/BCP), and redundant backups of your data.

At the core of the service offering is a backup device powered by backup manufacturer Datto. This device is uniquely valuable to Alaskan businesses in how it operates. Backups are retained on site with a copy sent off to a data center elsewhere for redundancy. In the event of hardware failure, the backup device is capable is operating on its own as a server, buying valuable time for continued operations while equipment is delivered on site for recovery. These capabilities render the device invaluable in protecting Alaskan businesses.

The value of digital devices and equipment are rendered inert without a comprehensive plan in attendance. Castle Mountain addresses this situation by the development of a comprehensive disaster recovery/business continuity plan. Customized to the needs of your business, this plan addresses all necessary elements required for business continuity – required notifications for staff, recovery runbooks for IT services, documentation, and after-action reporting.

And Castle Mountain takes an active stance throughout the life of service including testing backups and actively updating the disaster recovery/business continuity plan of changes as the environment changes. This keeps the plan at maximum value.