Defense: Ironwood

Named after the American Hornbeam, one of America’s strongest trees, Ironwood is a unique service developed by our risk management team to deliver network security to Alaskan businesses.

Ironwood is a three-fold program that delivers an implementation of network hardening technologies, file encryption, and incidence response. The outcome of Ironwood is a defense-in-depth network that repulses threats from outside, isolates threats on the inside, and renders unapproved files leaving the network unreadable.

At the core of the service offering is next-generation firewalling that communicates with the computers inside the network in a similar manner to your immune system. Ironwood’s ability to respond to security issues in real-time bolsters your business’s cybersecurity capabilities. This capability is unparalleled as current firewalls and anti-virus do not communicate with each other. Ironwood’s technologies work together to secure your network at every point; not just at the firewall.

In this age of complexity, security must extend to ensuring that each and every file is safe from attack. So to ensure that in the event of a file leaving the network unapproved by a staff member, Ironwood makes sure those files are encrypted and unreadable by attackers. This provides protection against data exfiltration.

This is true security. And it’s brought to you by our Ironwood Program.

True to the Alaskan spirit of rolling up our sleeves and getting work done, Deeptree staff review what’s happening on your network and are committed to responding to any security issues that may arise.